Automation of import / export of documents from accounting systems to the "M.E.Doc" software package using the "Document-Navigator" software Goods balance for tax invoices



We control the blocking of registration of tax invoices - the Goods Balance for Tax Invoices.

Many organizations have encountered the blocking of tax invoices due to:

"...The document was adopted. REGISTRATION is stopped. The scope of delivery of the goods / services **** exceeds the amount of the remainder of the purchase volume of such goods / services and the volume of its supply, which meets the requirements of sub-clause 2.1.1 of article 2 of the Criteria for the Riskiness of the Taxpayer..."

How to prevent such a reason for blocking tax invoices in advance?

We suggest you take advantage of our development of "Commodity balance for tax invoices".

The principle of operation is simple - in the period you specify, the incoming and outgoing tax invoices will be docked in accordance with the desired grouping.

You can group by name, units of measure, import, VAT, services, including unregistered tax invoices.

This operational analysis will avoid unnecessary problems.

The program uses data obtained from the "M.E.Doc".

The module is an integral part of our program «Document-Navigator», but the license for it is paid separately.

More about the system ...


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Note that the work of this system, namely, the export / import of documents - is only possible if shared with the module M.E.Doc.«Integration with accounting systems»

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