for entrepreneurs


Delivery of the instance and updates components (components) of the "M.E.Doc" computer program "Reporting" for individual entrepreneurs

Type of ownership
Installation variant
To use electronic digital signature keys from

  • receiving the electronic distribution of the computer program «M.E.Doc»;
  • support of the relevance of the M.E.Doc system, according to the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • receive the MEDoc computer program update packages from the company website or office on the user's media;
  • receive telephone consultations hot line.

yurydychni-osoby-platnyky-pdv-02.svg        Individual Entrepreneurs.
A full set of forms for all individuals-entrepreneurs:
  • on the general taxation system;
  • on a single tax of any group at any rate;
  • payers or non-payers of VAT;
  • with or without employees.
podarok.png        Transfer of up to 50 primary documents per month is free of charge.

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