for legal entities


Provision of the copy and package of updates (component) of the M.E.Doc computer program Reporting module for legal entities

Type of ownership
Tax system
Installation variant
To use electronic digital signature keys from

  • receiving an electronic distribution of the computer program "M.E.Doc";
  • support of the relevance of the M.E.Doc system in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine; "
  • Receive "M.E.Doc" computer software update packages from the company's website or in the office on the user's storage ;
  • receiving telephone hotline advice.

yurydychni-osoby-platnyky-pdv-02.svg        Legal entities are VAT payers
  • The largest set of reporting forms to the controlling bodies, including reports for their employees;
  • Registration of IP | RK in ERRP and exchange with counterparties;
  • Creation of a tax return on the basis of the registry;
  • Automatic sending of requests to the ERRP and import of missing PNs.
podarok.png        Transmission to 50 original documents per month - for free

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